Inding is particularly impressive given that a recent meta-analysis of 226 patients who were treated with either cyclophosphamide and glucocorticoids or glucocorticoids alone was unable to find a mortality or esrd benefit for cyclophosphamide-treated patients (2). cheap viagra online This finding, however, is based predominantly on only two studies, one of which did not report loss to follow-up during the extended observation and was based on relatively few events, so caution must be taken in accepting the result despite its statistical significance. viagra safety information Any systematic review must assess the suitability of identified trials for pooling in a meta-analysis. viagra for daily use for prostate In this study, all trials that were included in the primary analysis were comparable in several respects: duration of follow-up; definitions of treatment failure; and patient age, gender, and renal function. viagra canada online Despite these similarities, there are also several differences, including the dosages of mmf used and the route of cyclophosphamide administration. viagra online overnight delivery usa These differences may play a role in the significant variability in the absolute rates of treatment failure between studies (range 3 to 48% for mmf groups and 6 to 80% for cyclophosphamide groups). viagra for sale The role of chance, however, may account for a significant amount of this variability given the small size and short duration of each individual trial. online sale viagra This highlights the need for adequately powered rct and meta-analyses. generic viagra canada The trials also differed in racial mix, with two studies including only asian patients (14,18), one including only hispanic patients (19), and one including a mixed but predominantly black population (13). The lack of heterogeneity in the rr for treatment failure among these studies, despite their differences in racial mix, is reassuring in that our study results are generalizable across races. viagra safety information However, there are inadequate data to examine directly treatment allocation–race interactions to make any final conclusions on this topic. viagra head office in canada snopes Although our conclusions are based on a small number of randomized trials, they are strengthened by the homogeneity of study results and lack of any obvious publication bias. best canadian pharmacy generic viagra The reduction in death and esrd may be driven by use of mmf as a maintenance agent as well as an induction agent, thereby representing a difference between mmf and other maintenance immunosup. viagra safety information viagra patent expiration date uk